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Blogger I am. August 30, 2008

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Why another blog independent from my family’s blog, you ask.  Virginia Wolfe inspired me.  She argues in A Room of One’s Own that women need their own space and freedom to create.  I desire to create.  I have grappled over the past few years, as I’m sure most have, of how to synchronize my role as a wife, mother, daughter, and friend in identifying who I am as a person.  I am starting to realize that all these roles do not have to pull me in different directions, but can harmonize to create who I am.  Mother I am, Wife I am, Daughter I am, Runner I am, Reader I am; and the list continues on forever.  Therefore this blog, as the title suggests, is about “Everything I Am.”  I am excited to discuss ideas I have, items I like, things that are exciting, and anything else I want, since it’s my blog.  No limitations, no restrictions.  I feel liberated, as Virginia Wolfe states, to have a “room of my own,” found in the wonderful world of blogging.