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New’s Resolution Junky I am. January 5, 2009

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I love making huge, shoot for the stars, New Year’s resolutions.  This usually equates to them being unattainable, but I make them every year nonetheless.  But this year Tyler (my oh so brilliant hubby) came up with an ingenious plan.  We created a magnet board which makes us accountable for our goals.  We have three individual goals and two family goals we are trying to accomplish.  Each day of the week we put a magnet up if we accomplished that goal.  The magnet board is staring me right in the face in my living room, which means if I don’t do my goal each day I have to look at the empty space and feel totally lame about not doing it.  So here are my individual goals:

1. Eat according to the Body Ecology Diet (this means no flour or sugar…at all).  This is going to kick my booty, but I’m doing it in an attempt to get rid of my exercise induced rash (long story, ask me sometime if you’re interested).  This goal is only for three months, then I will reassess, and check my sanity level.

2. Read seven pages in the Standard Works (aka scriptures) every day.  This means I will read all the Standard Works in the coming year.

3. Do one “out of my way” act of kindness for Tyler every day.

Our family goals are:

1. Family Home Evening every Monday night with a Prayer, Song, Lesson, and Activity.  I know, we should already be doing this, but this is to get us consistent.

2. Dinner together every night.  I want a really good habit of us sitting down, no distractions, and eating dinner together every single day.

I love the hope that goals give me to change and become better.  I’m really pumped about them this year, and I feel that by tracking them every day they just might happen.  Here we go!


3 Responses to “New’s Resolution Junky I am.”

  1. Jodi Says:

    Those goals seem so unattainable, they sound reasonable to me- except for that first one good luck. I always have goals like learn Spanish this year or save the world- yeah, I’m never very successful. I’m going smaller this year…

  2. Jodi Says:

    oops, what I REALLY meant to say was those goals DON’T seem so unattainable. sorry!

  3. christina Says:

    Hil…good luck! You can do it. You’re definitely a better woman than I am. If I were to set the same goals as you, they’d probably look something like this: 1. Eat something BESIDES sugar and white flour. 2. FIND your scriptures. 3. Be nice to your husband sometimes. And family goals: 1. FHE? Maybe next year. 2. Try to eat dinner at the table once a week instead of on the floor.

    See…you’re all ready fantastic just the way you are. But I wish you the very best with your goals. I wish I were more like you. Can you come up here and kick my butt into gear?

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