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Toddler mother I am October 1, 2008

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I am officially a mother of a toddler, since my no longer baby is finally “toddling,” aka walking.  Therefore I can officially promote toddler education books.  I just finished reading this:


So if you see me saying, “Carter mad, mad, mad” like a caveman anytime soon, I’m not going crazy I’m just helping my child turn into a secure, loving, and emotionally sound indiviudal.  I would recommend the book, especially to mothers like me who typically get the “deer in the headlight” look when my child breaks down and has a tantrum in public.  Deer no more, caveman I be.


One Response to “Toddler mother I am”

  1. Katie Says:

    Does this work for husbands? I’m certain there are times Jack would do well do say, “Katie mad mad mad”

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